Warpath Developer Feedback: November

The game developers of Warpath regularly sit down and answer the most commonly asked questions and suggestions for the game.

Here’s the feedback for November, 2020.

Suggestion: Increase search radius on mining trucks.

A: We have been observing the search radius for Collection Convoys and we agree that this needs optimization.

Suggestion: Add ways to help alliance members finish their research faster.

A: We’re already working on the implementation of it, we expect it to be added in Patch 1.03.

Suggestion: Add more Officers, we need at least 3 more: 1 Officer for Infantry and 2 for vehicles.

A: We will definitely add more officers to the game, a new officer will be added soon. We will try to add a new one every 2-3 months.

Suggestion: Hoping to see winter themed effects soon.

A: We have prepared some winter themed back ground music to bring the Christmas feeling to the battlefield.

Suggestion: Alliance Contribution Record: Shows how much each member contributes to research daily/weekly.

A: We agree that this would help players a lot with the management of their alliance. We are working on the implementation of this this suggestion.

Suggestion: Add war planes.

A: The air force will be introduced to the game early next year.

Suggestion: Add looting chests that drops rewards like components, parts, rush.

A: We will add new events in the future that will allow players to obtain supplies like components, parts and rush.

Suggestion: Could we have a timer to know how much time it takes for our troops to get to a point?

A: Thank you for your suggestion, we think this would be a nice addition to the game. We will consider it for a future update.

Suggestion: Roads should increase unit speed and units should automatically path to roads if that route is quicker.

A: We will consider to add this feature to the game in the future, but for now we think other content has more priority to implement.

Suggestion: Make it so you can use multiple military maps at once since its annoying when you have like 50 maps.

A: Suggestion received, thank you. We will consider it for a future update.

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10 months ago

I would like to see resource sharing as in I need, oil ,army funds ect. Only within alliance

nico kapanen
nico kapanen
8 months ago

is it possible to have more chapters?

8 months ago

How about a reinforcement option to allied bases? Or if your base is adjoined your units assist in allied defence

Peter Lu
Peter Lu
8 months ago

I gave 4 stars for Warpath, but there is one part I really do not like it. I just want to play alone levelling up my units, base, etc, then going to fight in campaigns. I do not want to join any gangs. Therefore my base has been blown up several times by gangs of other players. In return I blown up a few bases of lower rank players. This is not what I want, also I do not want something happening again. Players who like to fight to each other need to fight in different arena. I am not happy about this because each time my base was destroyed, the development of my base has been decreased, so I have to upgrade it again. Please do something about it or players like me will quit playing and rate the game poorly. Thx.

5 months ago

I think alliance vehicles would be a fun idea