Warpath Developer Feedback: March 2021

The game developers of Warpath regularly sit down and answer the most commonly asked questions and suggestions for the game.

Here’s the feedback for March, 2021.

Suggestion: Need an increase in entry passes.

A: Entry passes can currently be obtained from the alliance store, we will later try to further optimize the distribution of entry passes. Please keep an eye on the Developer War Room.

Suggestion: Give us a way to compare our troops stats without having to restore to level 1. Obviously, my upgraded troops have better stats than the new ones I just got. Thanks!

A: Patch version 1.09 will welcome a new feature: Workshop Manuals. This will include rewards for collecting different camp units and also the display of base stats per unit.

Suggestion: If infantry is inside bunker fortification, requesting to Garrison infantry back to your base should automatically take them out of the bunker mode.

A: We are currently working on a design to allow infantry to automatically go back to your base when you garrison your units.

Suggestion: Give credit to people who contributed to game development by sharing their ideas and submitting suggestions, such as this one.

A: We appreciate players that submit good ideas on a weekly base and are actively involved with the game. That’s why we will start adding names to the suggestions, so players receive recognition for their efforts!

Suggestion: Add a Raven boss that gives more rewards and make players be more active.

A: Thank you for your suggestion! We have already been working on the design of a similar PVE focused event. Please keep an eye on the Developer War Room for more info.

Suggestion: Add cross server events.

A: Cross server events will definitely be added to the game in the future, but there is other content that will be released first.

Suggestion: Add Alliance vs Alliance events.

A: More PVP events are definitely going to be released in the future.

Suggestion: Option to add alliances as allies.

A: This feature is currently still in development, the release date will be announced in the Developer War Room when it is ready for release.

Suggestion: Allow us to re-fight campaign levels so we can recover lost blueprints.

A: Update version 1.08 has given players more ways to obtain blueprints. We will further discuss blueprint related suggestions internally to see if anything needs to be changed.

Suggestion: Side missions to obtain extra mod parts or coupons.

A: The new campaign store provides players with an extra way of obtaining modification parts or coupons.

Suggestion: Add Day/Night time to the game.

A: Thank you for the interesting suggestion, we will consider it for a future update.

Suggestion: Make entry permits available on the black market for purchase.

A: Entry permits will not be added to the black market for purchase, but they will be purchasable in the reworked alliance store. Please read the v1.08 Developer War Room for more info about the reworked alliance store.

Suggestion: Create a statistic for number of bases you’ve destroyed.

A: This would be a nice statistic for players to give more insights regarding their playstyle, we will consider adding this in a future update.

Suggestion: Leave a bit more space between accepting and refusing new alliance members, to avoid clicking the wrong option accidentally.

A: We will observe the feedback regarding the applications interface and apply changes accordingly if needed.

Suggestion: Allow players to auto find resources in the alliance territory regardless of the distance.

A: We are currently working on a similar function that should deal with the issue of resource searching too, keep an eye on the Developer War Room for more info!

Suggestion: Add notification that you are under attack.

A: This is a bug and will be fixed next week.

Suggestion: Add notification when your base is under attack and you offline.

A: We are aware of this bug and it will be fixed in patch version 1.08.

Suggestion: Select and control multiple units instead of 1 or all units only.

A: This feature is still being developed and can be expected to go online in the second quarter of this year.

Suggestion: Prices in the alliance store are too expensive.

A: The alliance store will be reworked in patch version 1.08, we hope players will enjoy the reworked alliance store!

Suggestion: Make ‘claim all’ button for purchased alliance gift chest, claiming them one by one is tiring.

A: We think a ‘claim all’ button would be a good addition to the game, we will consider to add this in a future update.

Suggestion: Make the blueprints interface separate for each unit, the current situation is a mess.

A: A new interface design for blueprints is currently under design, keep an eye on the developer war room for the release date.

Suggestion: Bring back unit power.

A: Unit power display will be back in a future update, please keep an eye on the Developer War Room.

Suggestion: Fix the chat.

A: Many chat bugs have been fixed with the latest updates. We are still working on the fix of the remaining bugs, please contact our Customer Support if you are still experiencing any chat bugs.

Suggestion: Add alliance setting that can set other alliance as an ally and avoid attacking each other in wars.

A: We have noticed this feature is requested by many players and we have already started the designing phase of it. Please keep an eye on the Developer War Room for more news!

Suggestion: Add Japanese units.

A: Thank you for your suggestion, we will consider adding more units to the game in the future.

Suggestion: We need more officers.

A: New officers are currently in the designing phase, we hope that you all look forward to it as much as we do!

Suggestion: Make energy pots purchasable in the black market.

A: We will consider to make more energy pots available throughout different ways in game.

Suggestion: Add air force.

A: The air force is currently scheduled to go online in June, please keep an eye on the Developer War Room for the exact release date.

Suggestion: Bring back combat power display.

A: We have received the mixed sentiment from the community regarding the combat power display. We are considering to re-enable combat power display for Commanders. We are looking for the best way to implement this, we want to make sure it will definitely be an improvement. Thank you all for your patience, updates will be announced in the Developer War Room!

Suggestion: Balance out the mining sites, there are far too many oil wells compared to money farm and metal mines.

A: Resources are distributed evenly. We would like to suggest players to move to a different location on the map.

Suggestion: Fix the chat.

A: We are still working on fixing the remaining chat bugs, we will release another chat bug fix by the end of this month.

Suggestion: Is it possible to amend the game so that the acquired plans from the campaign remain permanently? After making the golden part and then disassembling it, the plan is lost. It cannot be obtained anywhere after that.

A: Parts and blueprints related suggestions will be discussed internally, we will add more ways of obtaining blueprints and parts.

Suggestion: Add more units to the game.

A: We will add more units to the game, they are currently in the designing phase.

Suggestion: I want to celebrate my birthday. I need some party decoration for my base. Please release a party mode for birthdays, war victories, etc.

A: Decorations will be added in a future update!

Suggestion: Move kick and transfer leadership button apart from each other, they are too close to each other.

A: We will keep an eye on this and see whether more players feel the same way. Thank you for letting us know.

Suggestion: Remove the animation when a unit is upgraded to higher grade. The animation is long and repetitive.

A: We understand that animations can be repetitive for players that have upgraded units before, we will consider to look for a solution for this.

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Tanjungpura XII
Tanjungpura XII
4 months ago

 Add Custom Skins to the unit ( for example : Camouflage Skin )