Warpath Developer Feedback: January 2021

The game developers of Warpath regularly sit down and answer the most commonly asked questions and suggestions for the game.

Here’s the feedback for January, 2021.

Suggestion: Add a battle pass to have daily missions and more solo content.

A: Covert Season 1 Battle Pass is live now and can be found in your system tab. Each season contains seasonal missions and rewards to complete.

Suggestion: Stop dummy alliances. If an alliance has less than X number of members, the land territory should start to erode.

A: We understand the discussion of these dummy alliances, we will discuss this matter internally.

Suggestion: We need more options to get officer statues.

A: We think more ways to obtain officer statues would be good, that is why we will gradually add more ways to obtain officer statues in future updates.

Suggestion: We should be able to assemble three star units into four star ones, this will make three star units more useful.

A: Three-star units are the main resource to obtain Components when you disassemble them in your Engineering HQ, we think three-star units have their place in the game.

Suggestion: Add more map details like desert, tundra, swamp, snow etc.

A: More map features are already under development, but are not ready yet to be released anytime soon. We will announce it in the Developer War Room whenever these features will be ready to be released.

Suggestion: Hold and press to select units so I can control 2 or 3 units without controlling them all.

A: We have seen this suggestion pass by several times already and we are working on a plan to make this function happen.

Suggestion: Allow cross server battles for command centers and attacks on players.

A: Thank you for your suggestion, we have plans to introduce a similar idea of cross-server battles later this year.

Suggestion: Ban refund abusers.

A: There are already restrictions towards refund abusers, we will think of more ways to further restrict them.

Suggestion: Add 3-hour & 8-hour shields in VIP/Alliance store.

A: We do not think protection shields should be purchasable, but we will consider protection shields as part of an alliance skill or ability.

Suggestion: Airport suggestion: Make airport able to drop your troops somewhere on the map without having to move your base.

A: Thank you for your suggestion, we think this is a very creative idea. However, the airport will already gain a lot more significance after the air force update. Please stay tuned!

Suggestion: Add a store where we can buy blue prints.

A: We think it would be good for players to have more ways to obtain blue prints, we will add this feature to the game in a later update.

Suggestion: Add alliance decay timer: Let alliances decay when they become inactive and have less than 10 alliance members.

A: This suggestion is currently under discussion, we think there are both pros and cons to it. We will evaluate the current situation and see whether a decay timer is needed in the game.

Suggestion: Add little icons to the collection convoys in the menu, so you can see what they are collecting without having to go to every single one separately.

A: This would be a very nice addition to the collection convoy user interface, we will schedule optimization.

Suggestion: Add more beneficial premium rewards in battle pass. Battle pass would be great if it was not so expensive, market average is $10.

A: Based on our calculations, Covert Season 1 battle pass already provides great value for its price and the rewards can be obtained for a period of 8 weeks instead of 4. However, we will keep a close eye on the community’s feedback. Thank you all for your feedback and support.

Suggestion: Add more damage or health power to infantry units, they deal no damage in PVP and are only usable in PVE.

A: Thank you for your feedback, we will keep an eye on infantry units and their place in the current meta. Adjustments will be announced in the Developer War Room if we think infantry units need a buff.

Suggestion: Add a recommended power for each campaign level so that players will know if they can win or not and also make it so that we can still play past levels but lesser rewards.

A: Recommended power would be an interesting and useful tool for players to progress within their campaign mode, we will consider adding it in a future patch.

Suggestion: Increase alliance description max symbols, it’s hilarious with that 50 symbols.

A: We totally agree and that’s why we will increase the maximum number of symbols that can be used for the alliance description. Thank you!

Suggestion: Alliance leadership is transferred to a random alliance member, please change this.

A: This will be corrected in patch v1.04: When the alliance Leader is offline for a number of days consecutive, leadership will automatically be handed over to an active alliance Officer with the highest Power instead of a random alliance Member.

Suggestion: Allow alliances coalition to avoid attacks against friend alliance during battles between several alliances.

A: We have noticed that this is a popular request from players over the past weeks and are currently working on the design of such system.

Suggestion: Allow officers to see weekly alliance research donations.

A: An alliance research donation overview is estimated to be added with Patch version 1.05!

Suggestion: Please add more Level 6 resource spots. They are way too few compared to the number of players that need them.

A: We will observe the situation regarding resource spots. Commanders in Level 3 cities can farm up till Level 8 resource spots.

Suggestion: You must give an incentive to attack and win battles. Right now, we get nothing…. Not even XP. I’ve never seen a war game that gave nothing for winning a battle.

A: We are currently working on adding more incentives to encourage players to go out and fight!

Suggestion: Ability to do a friendly war in your alliance.

A: A function to play friendly battles is being designed. Keep an eye on the developer war room for the exact release date!

Looking for some in-game freebies? They can be found on the Warpath Redemption Codes guide page.

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Chad R Savick
Chad R Savick
10 months ago

It should be easier to avoid friendly fire. Can leaders temporarily mark another alliance as allies?

Chad R Savick
Chad R Savick
10 months ago

Camp bonuses and alliance perks should show when looking at unit firepower, damage resist, etc.

Tony Wu
Tony Wu
8 months ago

Less 3 star units. Im tired of getting 17/20 of my coupons becoming 3 star and will stop buying coupons until the rarity of units is fixed or make a feature allowing 3 stars to be combined.