Warpath Developer Feedback: April 2021

The game developers of Warpath regularly sit down and answer the most commonly asked questions and suggestions for the game.

Here’s the feedback for April, 2021.

Suggestion: Solve friendly fire between allies.

A: A function that allows alliances to become allies is under development. Please keep an eye on the Developer War Room for more news.

Suggestion: Add friendly 1v1 battles in alliance or city, so we can improve out combat skills.

A: We are currently in the designing phase of a friendly matches feature. We will announce updates regarding this feature in the Developer War Room!

Suggestion: I would like the ability to “LOCK” my units in the base. When I attack raven using “converge”, only “UNLOCKED” barracks should send their units. This way, I will never accidentally deploy units I don’t want with me in battle against players or raven.

A: Currently under development, this feature is expected to go online in the second quarter of this year.

Suggestion: Bring back the unit power display.

A: Unit power will be back in the game with the May update.

Suggestion: Improve unit pathfinding, units take unnecessary turns when they can just go straight.

A: We have also noticed that the pathfinding of units is not always optimal, we are currently working on the optimization of it.

Suggestion: Put a skip button for retrying a campaign level which involve story. It’s time consuming on the campaign level.

A: A skip function for campaign mission dialogue will be added in update v1.09.

Suggestion: Add Officers with more interesting skills.

A: More officers are being designed, with more unique and interesting skills.

Suggestion: A way to search for gold.

A: More events will come to the game that will allow players to obtain more gold.

Looking for some in-game freebies? They can be found on the Warpath Redemption Codes guide page.

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7 months ago

Give the airport another purpose, please. Upgrading it seems too much like a waste of resources.

6 months ago

Add more interesting units like aircraft forces.

5 months ago

being able to customize and upload your own flag to the name you choose for your alliance