Warpath Units

Units in Warpath serve as the main collectable element of the game. They can be used in battles via the campaign and on the world map.

All of the units are either themed around WWII, or were actually used during the war.

Unit Camps

Each unit has belongs to a specific camp. Only units that belong to the same camp can be assembled into a stronger unit.

The camps are:

  • Camp Liberty
  • Vanguard Division
  • Martyrs Watch

Certain units are exclusive to one camp. Camp Liberty has Light Tanks, Martyrs Watch has Rocket Launchers & Vanguard Division has Super Heavy Tanks.

There are special chests that allow players to draw only a certain camp’s units.

Unit Types

There are 9 different unit types in Warpath.

Each unit has strength and weakness towards other types of units.

Rocket Launchers > Infantry
Howitzers > Infantry
Infantry > Anti-tank Guns, Tank Hunters
Anti-Tank Guns > Super Heavy Tanks
Light Tanks > Anti-tank Guns, Howitzers, Tank Hunters
Medium Tanks > Light Tanks, Tank Hunters
Heavy Tanks > Medium Tanks, Light Tanks
Super Heavy Tanks > Heavy Tanks
Tank Hunters > Heavy Tanks

This means that it’s important to have a balanced army of units.


Strong Against: Anti-tank Guns, Tank Hunters

The ability to Activate Bunkers makes Infantry the preferred choice when trying to avoid damage from enemies.

Each camp has one set of infantry units.

The best infantry units in the game are: M16 Rifle Squad, Valmet M76 Squad & AKM Squad.

Camp Liberty’s 3-Star base unit is Militia Squad, and this eventually assembles into their max unit M16 Rifle Squad.

Vanguard Division’s 3-Star base unit is New Recruit Squad, and this eventually assembles into their max unit Valmet M76 Squad

Martyrs Watch’s base unit is Guerilla Squad, and this eventually assembles into their max unit AKM Squad.

UnitStarsDurabilityDamageMax SpeedEffective RangeFiring AccuracyCamp
Militia Squad31085360.5801Camp Liberty
Springfield Squad41366260.91817Camp Liberty
M1 Garand Squad4.11728200.457833Camp Liberty
M2 Carbine Squad521710220.3850Camp Liberty
M3 Carbine Squad5.127313220.3867Camp Liberty
Sten Gun Squad634414240.358Camp Liberty
Tommy Gun Squad6.143318240.2559Camp Liberty
Browning Machine Gun Squad754627260.560Camp Liberty
M14 rifle Squad7.168835260.561Camp Liberty
M16 Rifle Squad7.286744280.563Camp Liberty
New Recruit Squad3986200.5801Vanguard Division
M28 rifle Squad41237200.5817Vanguard Division
Karabiner 98k Squad4.11559200.5833Vanguard Division
Gewehr 41 Squad519511220.4850Vanguard Division
Gewehr 43 Squad5.124614220.5867Vanguard Division
Suomi KP/-31 Squad631016240.258Vanguard Division
MP 40 Squad6.139020240.2559Vanguard Division
StG 44 Squad749130260.360Vanguard Division
RK 62 Squad7.161938260.361Vanguard Division
Valmet M76 Squad7.278048280.363Vanguard Division
Guerilla Squad31195200.4801Martyrs Watch
Mosin-Nagant Squad41506200.548817Martyrs Watch
Mosin-Nagant Carbine Squad4.11897200.5833Martyrs Watch
SVT-40 Squad52389220.5850Martyrs Watch
SKS Squad5.130011220.4867Martyrs Watch
PPD Squad637813240.258Martyrs Watch
PPSh Assault Rifle Squad6.147716240.2559Martyrs Watch
AK-47 Squad760125260.3560Martyrs Watch
AK-47S Squad7.175731260.3561Martyrs Watch
AKM Squad7.295339280.3563Martyrs Watch


Howitzers, well-known for their damage radius and siege capabilities, are ideal for destroying fortifications and Infantry. A well-guarded Howitzer equips you with frightening firepower.

Strong Against: Infantry

Rocket Launchers

Strong Against: Infantry

Rocket Launchers are famous for their damage radius and siege capabilities, enabling them to wipe out fortifications and Infantry. They provide a strong defense and outstanding mobility, making them an asset in long-range attacks, such as targeting an enemy base.

Anti-Tank Guns

Strong Against: Super Heavy Tanks

Anti-Tank Guns flaunt impressive penetration which is invaluable when defending against Super-Heavy Tanks.

Light Tanks

Strong Against: Anti-tank Guns, Howitzers, Tank Hunters

Light Tanks offer superior mobility, allowing them to move freely in combat and engage in guerilla warfare.

Medium Tanks

Strong Against: Light tanks, Tank Hunters

Medium Tanks are chosen in a wide variety of battles for their well-rounded performance.

Heavy Tanks

Strong Against: Medium Tanks, Light Tanks

Heavy Tanks are fitted with thick armor, boasting an obvious advantage over Medium and Light Tanks.

Super Heavy Tanks

Strong Against: Heavy Tanks

Super-Heavy Tanks have the thickest armor of them all. They are lacking in mobility, but ideal for storming fortified positions.

Tank Hunters

Strong Against: Heavy Tanks

Tank Hunters are chosen for their superior mobility and penetration, posing a huge threat to Heavy Tanks.

Looking for some in-game freebies? They can be found on the Warpath Redemption Codes guide page.

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5 months ago

Can someone explain what the firing accuracy affects on a Tank Hunter? I want to know if I want pen boost or more firing accuracy.