Warpath Tier List

This tier list is a guide on which officers and units to pick in Warpath.

Take it with a grain of salt, as the game is still very new and different metas are emerging all of the time.

Also keep in mind that different units work best for different things, there aren’t really any single “best units” in the game. The exception of course is the Light & Super Heavy tanks & Anti-Tank Guns, as there’s only one of each currently.

Best Starting Army Setup

When you first start the game, your main source of battles will come from the campaign and this gamemode is an important step in progression.

Recommended Units:

1x Infantry – This unit is best used to soak damage on the battlefield, especially when using the Fortification skill which creates bunkers and reduces their damage taken.

1x Rocket Launcher or Howitzer – These units provide great AoE damage and can help clear enemy infantry waves.

1x Tank Hunter or Anti-Tank Gun – You’ll need something to destroy Heavy and Super Heavy tanks, and these units do that job well.

2x Anything Else – This is your choice, but generally Medium Tanks are the best well rounded units to use. You can also pick 1 Heavy / Super Heavy Tank for a more defensive setup.

Best Medium Tank – Camp Liberty

Medium tanks are balanced units with well rounded performance for many different types of battles.

Overall the best Medium Tank right now probably belongs to Camp Liberty. This is due it being a more balanced unit when it comes to damage and durability. It also has 2 unique skills that gives it faster training time and increased movement speed.

However, it really depends on what you want to do with the unit. Martyrs’ Watch’s medium tank has the “Repair” skill and can heal itself after taking damage. This can be useful in certain scenarios.

Camp Liberty Medium Tanks:

M2 Medium Yank (4-Stars)
M2A1 Medium Yank (4.1-Stars)
M3 Lee Medium Yank (5-Stars)
M3 Grant Medium Yank (5.1-Stars)
M4 Sherman (6-Stars)
Sherman Firefly (6.1-Stars)
M26 Pershing (7-Stars)
T26E4 Pershing (7.1-Stars)
Super Pershing (7.2-Stars)

Max Star Units:

UnitStarCampDurabilityDamageArmorSpeedEffective RangeFire AccuracyArmor Pen.
Super Pershing7.2Camp Liberty2828296120;50;504011.9957136
Panther Ausf. G7.2Vanguard Division2800308120;50;50362957136
T-447.2Martyrs Watch2940293120;70;15364957136

Vanguard Division = Highest Damage, Lowest Survivability
Martyrs Watch = Highest Survivability, Lowest Damage
Camp Liberty = Balanced, Fastest Speed, 2 Skills

Best Tank Hunter – Camp Liberty

Tank Hunters are the main counter to Heavy Tanks. All 3 camps are quite close with these units. Camp Liberty slightly edges out the rest due to its decent damage and highest speed.

Max Star Units:

UnitStarCampDurabilityDamageArmorSpeedEffective RangeFire AccuracyArmor Pen.
M36 Jackson7.2Camp Liberty2424578102;60;30422957260
Jagdtiger7.2Vanguard Division2400630102;50;50354957260
ISU-1527.2Martyrs Watch2400573102;70;203611.8957273

Best Heavy Tank – Camp Liberty

Heavy Tanks can fill the gap for damage soaking in battle early in the game when you don’t have a Super Heavy Tank yet. In the late-game, they become the best counter to Medium Tanks.

Overall the best Heavy Tank is likely from Camp Liberty. This is mainly due to its Siege skill, which increases the damage done to buildings.

Best InfantryMartyrs Watch

All Infantry are very strong for late-game and they’re considered the best “long term” investments in terms of units. They can tank a lot of damage and also deal high damage to Heavy & Super Heavy Tanks.

As the role of infantry is generally to soak damage, Martyrs Watch is likely the best unit to choose.

Max Star Units:

Unit StarCampDurabilityDamageSpeed Effective RangeFire Accuracy
M16 Rifle Squad7.2Camp Liberty86744280.563
Valmet M76 Squad7.2Vanguard Division78048280.363
AKM Squad7.2Martyrs Watch95339280.3563

Vanguard Division = Highest Damage, Lowest Survivability
Martyrs Watch = Highest Survivability, Lowest Damage
Camp Liberty = Balanced

Best Howitzer –

Best Light Tank Camp Liberty

Light Tanks shoot and reload very fast. It’s an extremely good attacking unit on the field.

There’s currently only one in the game and it’s unique to Camp Liberty, so there’s not much choice for this!

Best Super Heavy TankVanguard Division

Best unit to attack and defend bases. However, not recommended to use on the field unless you’re supporting allies in a war.

This unit is unique to the Vanguard Division and there’s currently only one in the game.

Unit Names:

Lion (5-Star)
Heavy Lion (5.1-Star)
E-50 Tank (6-Star)
E-75 Tank (6.1-Star)
Mouse Prototype (7-Star)
Mouse V1 (7.1-Star)
Mouse V2 (7.2-Star)

Best Anti-Tank Gun – Vanguard Division

Anti-Tank Guns are a great counter to Heavy and Super Heavy tanks. There’s currently only one in the game and it belongs to Vanguard Division.

Best Rocket Launcher – Martyrs Watch

Rocket Launchers can deal AoE damage, and are mainly used to kill infantry on the battlefield. While it’s weaker than Howitzer’s when it comes to stats, it has significantly faster movement speed & fire rate.

There’s only one in the game, and it belongs to Martyrs Watch.

Modifying Units

The best strategy for modifying units is to pool all of your resources into a single unit and upgrade all of their skills.

In the early-mid game it’s recommended that the unit you choose is a Medium Tank as it’s a very well rounded unit.

Best Officers

There aren’t really any “best” officers in Warpath because currently you have to use them all.

Eventually when more are added there will likely be some kind of choice for using them.

With that said though, certain officers only pair well with specific types of units and it’s important to pair them correctly.


Bloody Mary
She can work well with any unit.

Adjutant Percy
Recommended to use her with either Infantry, Heavy Tanks or Super Heavy Tanks. Best paired with Sergent Spanner.

Fox of the Highlands
Recommended to use him with any type of Tank. Best paired with Guardian of Truth

War Machine (New)
Recommended to use him with Rocket Launchers, Howitzers, or Anti-Tank Guns.


These officers are best used with tank units.

Guardian of Truth
Passive skills mainly for Tanks only.

Sergeant Spanner
Capable of healing tanks only.


These officers are best used with infantry units.

White Wolf
Passive skills mainly only work with Infantry.

Angel of Light
Capble of healing Infantry only.


These officers are best used with Rocket Launchers, Howitzers, or Anti-Tank Guns.

Skills mainly only work with Artillery.

Antonina Shevchenko
Skills mainly only work with Artillery.

Looking for some in-game freebies? They can be found on the Warpath Redemption Codes guide page.

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9 months ago

Talk alot a bout 3 star units, yet they can’t be upgraded?
Generally I send these straight to dismantling….am I missing something?

Is there a graphic chart for which mixed assembled units turn i to what?
Always feels like a crap shoot.

Reply to  Troy
7 months ago

Thinking the same thing.

Justin Morris
Justin Morris
Reply to  Troy
5 months ago

I mean from what I’ve noticed, alot of the basic units for the good units start out as 3 stars. Just gotta assemble them. I’ve done that with a few of my good units.

7 months ago

Appreciate the information. Thanks for taking the time to plan and post.

7 months ago

Wouldn’t Percy be with the infantry

Justin Morris
Justin Morris
Reply to  DarkEvil1942
5 months ago

That’s what I was thinking as well until I took a closer look at her skills.

7 months ago

Please fix season pass 2 daily missions for daily login. It’s impossible to complete with a short amount of time

Your mom
Your mom
4 months ago

Where are like. 90 percent of the tanks that where used in ww2