Warpath Developer Feedback: December

The game developers of Warpath regularly sit down and answer the most commonly asked questions and suggestions for the game.

Here’s the feedback for December, 2020.

Suggestion: Please add a daily campaign mode that gives random rewards.

A: We would like to add more game play focused game modes to the game, a daily game mode with rewards can be expected in a future update.

Suggestion: Add a way to get more blueprints for gold parts.

A: We’re currently working on a plan to make more blueprints for gold parts available, this update can be expected by the end of March.

Suggestion: Add an option to send mails to alliance officers only.

A: Alliance leaders already have the option to send mails to alliance officers only.

Suggestion: Allow people to have books marks individually instead of just alliance tags.

A: This would be a nice addition to the game, we will consider adding it in a future update. However, we think there is currently other content that has more priority.

Suggestion: Adding the ability to sort blueprints by camp.

A: Browsing through the blueprints tab can indeed feel a bit unorganized, we will consider further optimization of the user interface.

Suggestion: Automatically hide bunker when moving infantry units.

A: Bunkers automatically hide in converge mode, but we do understand that players would like to see this happen in other areas of the game too. We will consider implementing this function throughout the game.

Suggestion: Can we have a gift code for Christmas?

A: Santa Jack has prepared a nice gift code for all Commanders, keep an eye on our social media channels. Merry Christmas!

Suggestion: Ability to report players for toxic behavior.

A: Toxic behavior can be reported by holding the message for a few seconds and press ‘Report’.

Allow alliances to set friends and enemies. to stop having misfires during multiple alliance operations.

A: We have noticed that many players would like to see a more sophisticated method of befriending other alliances, that’s why we have decided to take this idea into consideration.

Suggestion: If a player completes more than 80% of his Urban Combat Plan, the city should become his Home City and do not require a City Pass to travel back to this city.

A: We are already considering to make City Passes more obtainable for players. Thank you for your suggestion, we like the idea!

Suggestion: Add lock function for units and items: avoid using/assembling a unit of item by accident.

A: We think this would be a nice addition to the game, we will schedule it for implementation in a future update. We feel like other content has more priority at the moment.

Suggestion: Add alliance log history for the alliance leaders to see who accepted a member, who kicked a member, who demoted a member, who promoted a member, etc.

A: Alliance leaders can already see member approval, promotion and demotion. We will consider a log for alliance leaders to track the history of kicked members.

Suggestion: Add a base defense event: Raven comes in waves attacking you and your alliance bases, you can help each other defending from the waves. You will get rewards for the amount of waves you have survived.

A: A similar event is currently under development. Keep an eye on our Developer War Room for the specific content and release time.

Suggestion: We want different skins for our base and tanks: desert cam, urban cam, tiger stripes. etc.

A: We think this would be an interesting addition to the game and we will consider it.

Suggestion: Buff rocket unit.

A: We will evaluate the necessity of buffing the Rocket Launchers, if we think it is necessary then Rocket Launchers can expect a buff in a future update.

Suggestion: Add an alliance vs alliance event.

A: New events will definitely be added in future updates, an alliance vs alliance will also be added in a future update.

Suggestion: I really like fighting wars with my troops in this game, which is really rare compared to other similar games. That’s why I think the game should focus more on PvP and battle modes with rewards. For example, a new PvP game mode with only troops to fight each other for rewards or a PvE game mode where you have to fight a Raven boss solo or with friends.

A: Thank you for your suggestion! We’re continuously working on new events and the improvement of existing events. Keep an eye on the Developer War Room to follow the news about the latest updates.

Suggestion: We want different skins for our base and tanks: desert cam, urban cam, tiger stripes. etc.

A: We think this would be an interesting addition to the game and we will consider it.

Suggestion: The image of the KV-1 tank is wrong, it shows the KV-2 tank, please fix.

A: The art asset of the KV-1 tank will be fixed in a future update.

Suggestion: Would be nice if we were able to see past attacks from enemies in the alliance War tab rather than guessing who attacked who until the member that got attacked logged on. It also helps the alliance to retaliate quicker and have proof of first attack.

A: Currently, battle reports can be shared via chat by clicking the share button at the bottom of your battle report. However, we do agree the current state of the battle report is not ideal, we will optimize this in either Patch 1.04 or 1.05.

Suggestion: Add an in-game warning that a server shutdown is upcoming so we don’t do anything that may be expensive or important beforehand that could be lost due to the restart.

A: We are working on an in-game countdown to warn players in advance to avoid this type of situations, it is expected to be implemented in Patch 1.05.

Suggestion: Lower the price of items in the Alliance store, it’s too expensive. Can only buy something once every two months.

A: The Alliance Store can expect a rework in a future update, we will also add more supplies to the store.

Suggestion: If you put a color code in your name, make the code itself hidden.

A: The ability to use custom colors in your name will be removed in a future update, because colored names cause certain user names to appear less readable for some players and we also think custom-colored names work conflicting with certain colors in-game.

Suggestion: Since captured villages are called “Turrets” it would make sense to gives it firepower to defend itself, and the people inside it, and it would help give the advantage to being inside territory, instead of being the same as being outside the territory, also possibly add alliance research to upgrade it.

A: We think it is an interesting suggestion to create more gameplay around Alliance Turrets and Alliance Research, we will consider it for a future update.

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8 months ago

How can I restart the game. I messed up, but I can’t find a restart option? If there isn’t one, please add one.